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Hi Sunshines!

Here is a simple yet very effective way to whiten and clean your teeth daily, without the usual unnecessary toxic/chemical ingredients found in many store bought toothpaste. These are simple ingredients you can fully understand and use safely daily without breaking your wallet. This toothpaste has a minty fresh feeling due to the peppermint essential oil, stain removing power due to baking soda, and a gentle cleanse to lift toxins and tooth buildup with coconut oil. All of these ingredients combined make the best Whitening Toothpaste without harmful ingredients.


1 Small glass storage jar with lid (BPA Free)

Coconut Oil (Organic, Un-refined, Coled Pressed) I use Dr. Bronners or Nutiva only!

Baking Soda (Pure) Bob’s Red Mill brand

Organic Peppermint Essential Oil – Aura Casia brand

Stevia “Optional” (Raw Organic powder or Liquid form) Available at

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